Manage Fires, Protect Wildlife in Australia

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Ethan Huey is a double major in Sports Management and Broadcasting. He spends his time playing lacrosse for Westminster. Ethan is from Kettering, OH.

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Alyssa Stock is a first year Nursing major. She plays on the Westminster softball team. Alyssa enjoys hanging out with friends and taking walks around campus.

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Ellie McCombs is a first year Psychology major, who plans to work in Pre-Occupational Therapy. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves playing with her dogs, Coco and Lulu.

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Annika McCabe is an Interdisciplinary major with a strong passion for film and writing. She carries a love for nature, has strong roots in environmentalism, and is deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Annika is from Liberty, Ohio. 

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Tavion Brown is a first year Computer Science major from North Carolina. He played football for the Sharon Tigers before moving south four years ago. He enjoys playing basketball and football.

Australian Wildfires – what is the issue?

The Australian wildfires are spreading rapidly and killing people, animals, plants, and destroying homes. Australians are striving to build partnerships and learn from Indigenous fire rangers, who successfully implemented tactics like preventative fire-burning and mosaic cool-fire burning years ago. Australians need our help to rebuild homes and habitats.

Kangaroo hopping past a building on fire

Why should you donate? How do your donations help?

Imagine yourself visiting Australia for the first time. You enjoy the tourist attractions and admire the unusual wildlife. This is how many tourist experienced Australia before recent climate changes, leading up to numerous wildfires over the past 2 years. Visitors must avoid the burning forests and coastlines, where most tourist sites are located. Australia’s biodiversity is being destroyed, and the Indigenous people must evacuate their homes. The reason you should consider donating is not because you have to, but because we must support each other as global citizens.

Research Overview

Many factors impact Australia’s current wildfires. The Australian Nature Conservancy is working with Indigenous Fire rangers to establish a more comprehensive plan for controlling the fires. The Indigenous people are impacted by mandated evacuations and loss of jobs. The destruction of forests and the risk of extinction of animal life is harming Australia’s biodiversity. Greenhouse gases from these fires are leading to greater climate change. Indigenous fire rangers are working harder than ever to bring successful solutions like preventative fire-burning to the forefront, in order to conserve their biodiversity and homes.

Research poster
Place holder research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

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