Burma Humanitarian Mission

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Logan Murgenovich is an Exploratory major with an interest in Business Administration. He is a member of Westminster’s baseball team. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and spending time with friends.

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Gracie is a first-year Pre-Nursing Major who has an interest in working in the Neonatal ICU. She enjoys being outside and hanging out with friends. Gracie is from Portersville, PA.

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Tyler Rotharmel is a criminal justice major and is also a member of the track and field team. He enjoys being active, and spending time with friends. He plans on attending law school and focusing on civil law.

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Gwendolyn Gray is a first year Political Science major who is interested in government and foreign affairs. She likes to bake and play strategic board games in her free time. Gwendolyn is from Louisville, Kentucky.

Increase the number of health care workers in Burma/ Myanmar

Our unique global cause improves the lives of Burmese people who need more health care workers. Give back to those in need.

The Burmese people are facing multiple crises (i.e., malnutrition, a shortage of health care workers). Cyclones, floods and earthquakes have devastated the country since 2008. Burma (Myanmar) is one of fifty-seven countries facing a significant shortage of healthcare workers, which equally affects rural and urban communities.

Children lying on cots

Why should you donate? How do your donations help?

The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of one medical doctor for every 1,000 people. Burma (Myanmar), a country of 54 million people, only has 16,232 doctors. The doctor ratio is 1:3,327.  Obviously, Myanmar citizens need more doctors, nurses, even backpack medics.   By donating even $1, you provide 40 life-saving doses of medicine to backpack medics who travel into the isolated Myanmar jungles and mountains.

Research Overview

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is located in Southeast Asia. Surrounded by mountains, it is isolated from most neighboring countries. Burmese citizens hold diverse spiritual beliefs and speak multiple languages. These diverse backgrounds and languages caused tension over the years which resulted in a civil war. The war has negatively impacted health care for women, especially prenatal care. As the country spends a majority of its money on the funding the war, poverty and malnutrition continue to increase. The COVID pandemic has made life even worse for Burmese people.

Research poster
Student research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

Published by loganmurgenovich

Logan Murgenovich is an Exploratory major with an interest in business administration. He is also on the baseball team at Westminster College. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and spending time with friends.

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