Care for Mayan Mothers-to-be

Our project helps expecting mothers with their pregnancies and the after care of them and baby.

What Is The Issue?

In Guatemala, most expecting mothers are facing poverty. Not only do they lack money, but they lack the important resources such as education, pre- and after birth care, and adequate healthcare, that will allow the pregnancies go smoothly.


The money collected for our cause goes towards health and sanitary care that will give the expecting mothers a chance to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. The money will be put towards a traveling doctor, vitamins, sanitary products for both mom and baby, and products such as mattresses, bedding, etc. that will allow the mothers to be comfortable.


The research that was conducted into this important topic, was eye opening. The things that were found out during the research is that there was a high rate in pre-pregnancy deaths because of living in poverty. finding out that there was only one doctor per 1000 people. These types of things were put into play when choosing the adequate causes for the Mayan mothers. There were so many statistics found in Guatemala associated with poverty it would take days to talk about.

Research poster
Student research poster.

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