Future Nurses of Vietnam

Tyler Dickson ’24

Tyler is a double major with Early Childhood and Special Education and Psychology. His future plans are to teach special education and pursue a Masters degree in Psychology. Tyler says, “My faith has been a significant part of my life and it has instilled, within me, a love for helping others.”

Grant Shepherd ’24

Grant is a Nursing major. His future plans are to work in the medical field, beginning as an RN. Grant says, “Throughout my life I have learned many things from my family, especially my grandparents. They have become my biggest motivator, pushing me where I am today.”

Alicia Lloyd ’24

Alicia is an accounting major with the heart of a mathematician. Her future plan is to work for Google’s mathematics team. Alicia says, “My biggest drive in life has become the ability to support my family and live comfortably in this ever-changing world.”

Hunter Hoag ’24

Hunter is a Music Therapy major. His future plans are to advance for a Masters degree in Music Therapy and help others through the field. Hunter says, “I want to major in music therapy because of how helpful it can be for anybody, especially for those with Alzheimers or dementia.”

Be part of the difference. Be part of the healing. Help nurses develop the abilities to help others.


A changing world spreads a wildfire of struggles and overwhelming circumstances throughout nations both advanced and developing. Nurses are in higher demand than ever, but there is one main barrier for many rural Vietnamese girls who desire to pursue a medical career: poverty. ConnectMed provides tuition assistance and textbooks for rural students in need. When this burden is lifted, they are able to focus on becoming nurses and giving back to their communities.

Two Vietnamize children and a Vietnamize woman



In the eyes of a child, a lot can be discovered. The most captivating of these things is hope. By donating YOU can give a child another day from the saving aid of a nurse. By donating YOU can give a young Vietnamese girl a dream future to believe in. By donating YOU can bring out the hope in a child’s eyes.


Phan Thi Van Hoai, is a 20 year-old nursing student from Hue. Her father works as a farmer to provide for their family of 7. Her mother cannot work because she takes care of Phan’s youngest sibling who has a chronic illness. The ConnectMed scholarship allowed Phan to focus on her academics, and as a thriving second year student, she’s giving back locally by comforting cancer patients and visiting orphans.


  • $7 GIVES a Textbook to 1 student
  • $33 GIVES Textbooks for 5 Students
  • $55 GIVES 1 month of nursing tuition
  • $275 GIVES 5 months of nursing tuition
  • ANY donation makes YOU part of the DIFFERENCE!


Thorough research has provided significant evidence that there is a dire need for assistance to women pursing a nursing career in the nation of Vietnam. Women have fairly high rates of labor force participation but are still held back by traditional values and views on women, and by poverty, in pursuing health care professions. While Vietnam has managed the Covid-19 pandemic quite well, its continuation provides an additional reason to aid women’s enrollment in successful nursing education programs. Please donate if you are able to do so!

Place holder research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

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