Reunite and Restore Vulnerable Children

Taylor King is a Pre-Veterinary biology major with a minor in Spanish at Westminster College. She enjoys learning about history and spending time volunteering at local animal shelters. She joined the global engagement fellows program as a way to learn more about how the global society works.

Samantha Pikos is a Pre-Nursing major at Westminster College. Her hobbies include playing board games, reading novels, and baking. She enjoys learning about different cultures, healthcare, and biology. She joined the global engagement fellowship program as a way to explore the rest of the world and learn new things about worldwide politics.

Reunite and Restore Vulnerable Children – Kenya

This project aims to provide children in Kenya with food, housing, access to a good education, access to healthcare, and eventual employment. Having access to these things allows children to flourish and develop into individuals ready to take on the hardships of the world.

Children in Kenya are being separated from their families and being placed into Charity Children Institutions, where they experience poor living conditions and develop mental disorders.

This project aims to aid children by reuniting them with their families. Several things need to happen in Kenya to ensure these children live a healthy life, such as providing these children and their families with food security, good health care, a good education, and employment. The population of Kenya is 52.57 million, and about 36% of them live in poverty. That’s about 18.93 million people living on under $1.90 a day! The kids in the below picture are at risk of being taken to a Charitable Children Institution, but your donations could keep them with their families!

Group of children rolling a tire with a  stick.

Why should people donate? How do their donations help?

As little as $1 could help these children stay out of CCIs. If 15 of you all pitch in and donate a dollar that’s $15 going towards providing children with stable housing, food security, family support, an education, healthcare, and eventual employment. With as little as $1 we can begin bettering the lives of children in Kenya, which will help them to provide for their future children, and this cycle of betterment will continue. Your donations could lead Kenya out of poverty.

Explain your research (Abstract)

Our research found that children in Kenya who have been in CCIs have higher rates of mental disorders than those who live with their families. We also found that only 4.4% of Kenya’s population reports being food secure. The people of Kenya need our help to overcome poverty, and the solution is not taking children away from their families and placing them in CCIs, where they do not receive proper care. Reunite and Restore Vulnerable Children – Kenya aims to reunite children with their families while providing them with better care than they would receive in CCIs.

Donate to help this cause today!

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