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My name is Bethany Edwards. My major is Creative Media Production. When I graduate, I want to be a film director and screenwriter who creates films that give voices to people who are silenced or oppressed. 

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My name is Mayson Everette. I am a nursing and neuroscience major, and am a part of the swimming and diving team at Westminster College. I plan to graduate with a major in neuroscience where I will do clinical research for studies.

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Hi my name is Caitlyn Goodrich, and I am a biology major at Westminster College. I am also a part of the women’s basketball team. I plan to continue my education after Westminster and earn my doctorate degree to practice physical therapy.

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Hi! My name is Theresa Schneider, I am a biology major with the intent to go to medical school and become a dermatologist. I am from Chardon, Ohio and am a member of both the  Westminster Swim and golf teams.

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Hello, my name is Sydney Sladden. I am a first-year at Westminster College from Flemington, New Jersey. I am a nursing major with plans to become a pediatric trauma nurse. I am on the dive team and cheer team at Westminster. 

Kitchen gardens are homemade gardens that provide families a way to access clean food while providing them with a source of income.

Countries in Poverty

Countries in Central America, specifically Belize, Honduras and Panama, have been struggling with poverty for years. In these countries, 39% of the entire population earns less than $4 a day. This leads to difficult access to food and a hard time maintaining a steady income. Kitchen gardens can help solve both of these issues.

Why donate?

In order to start and maintain one of these gardens, supplies such as soil, plants, and a clean area are needed. Without these resources the kitchen garden project would not be able to benefit these families in need. In having these resources families are able to create flourishing gardens to provide them with a steady source of income and clean food to reduce the effects of poverty in their surrounding area. Kitchen gardens can give hope for future generations to have an improved quality of life.


The countries of Belize, Honduras, and Panama have been struggling in poverty for years. They also face environmental devastation in the forms of drought and air and water pollution. With the benefits of kitchen gardens the income of these families can increase drastically, pulling them out of poverty and toward a better way of life while also providing a sustainable food source in their backyard.

Research poster
Student research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to this charity today!

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