Healing Trafficked and Exploited Children- the Philippines

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Brianna Williams is a first year student at Westminster College and is a Biology and Pre-Medicine major. Bri supports this cause because of her love of children and the need for change.
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Victoria Peltonen is a first year student at Westminster college, and is majoring in Biology and Pre-Medicine. She supports this cause heavily because she strives to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.
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Kaitlyn Hildebran is a first year student at Westminster College and is majoring in Nursing. She is passionate about this subject because it is a worldwide problem that demands more attention than it receives.
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Jordan Roser is a first year student at Westminster College and is majoring in psychology. She is pursuing this topic because she finds it very rewarding to help others in any way she can.
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Reily Maliner is a first year student at Westminster college, and is studying environmental science and biochemistry. She wanted to pursue this topic because children have a special place in her heart, and she loves to help others when she can.

Together, we are working to put a stop to cybersex child trafficking in the Philippines. With your help, we can head toward our goal of making this world a safer place.

Child Cybersex Trafficking…What is it?

The Philippine Islands are considered the child cybersex capital of the world. Two years is the average length of time children are used for cybersex and other online sexual exploitation. In those two years of abuse, children who are exposed to cybersex trafficking typically grow up to develop severe mental disorders, trust issues, and antisocial behaviors. The traffickers’ own mental instability leads them to look at the children as profit, and even refer to them as “producers” rather than children. These actions demolish any presence of a normal childhood, or normal life. We must work to put an end to childhood cybersex trafficking, and our effort begins today.

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 gonzalesearnest (pixabay.com)

Your donations help provide a safe environment that also supplies basic needs and essential therapies for survivors of this unique form of trauma. Help safeguard children’s human rights…the rights of among the most vulnerable of those among us…with your gift.

$17 provides therapeutic activities for 1 rescued child for 1 month

$44 provides clothes and toys for 1 rescued child

$605 provides therapy and basic needs for 3 children for 1 month


The Philippines has become one of the world’s worst violators of children’s human rights through the growing problem of sexual abuse via cybertrafficking. Our research explores the psychology of traffickers and of victims, the psychological and physical trauma experienced by victims (survivors) and what effective rehabilitation programs look like. In addition, we discuss steps to take to prevent children’s becoming trapped in this dark underworld.

Research poster
Student research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

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