Hilltop Urban Farm – Pittsburgh, PA

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Rhys Sollon is an English major with a minor in film studies. They have an interest in sustainability, and are looking forward to how far urban farming will go in the future. They are from Washington County, PA.

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Alaina Kutsch is a Neuroscience major with interests in the environmental science field as well. She enjoys capturing the essence of nature via drawing. Alaina is from Indiana County, PA.

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Darien Arthur is a Biology/Pre-med major with an interest in becoming a Pediatrician. In her spare time, she likes to hike and spend time with animals. Darien is from Mahoning County, OH.

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Claire Mock is an environmental science major with a minor in political science. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing music. Claire is from Washington County, PA.

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Theresa Schall is a double major in Criminal Justice Studies and Psychology. She enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and hiking. Theresa is from Warren County, PA.

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Destiny Hughes is an environmental science major. She is also minoring in the fine arts and management for scientists. She enjoys making art, hiking, outdoors and animals!

Hilltop Urban Farm

Hilltop Urban Farm is a nonprofit organization based in the Hilltop community of Pittsburgh. Their mission is to run a community-based farm, giving children access to education as well as providing locally-grown crops to those within the community. Hilltop Urban Farms is comprised of a youth garden, a youth orchard, and multiple farm plots. Programs include a Farmer Incubator program and a Youth Farm program.

A young man stands in his back yard looking at bee hive boxes.
Randall Hall, whom was involved in their farmer incubation program, and has since been successful with honey production.

Why should people donate? How do their donations help?

Hilltop Urban Farm is a regional organization, as mentioned above. Donations to this organization benefit the local area, including easing impacts of a food desert and providing education to children. Hilltop Urban Farm is also environmentally friendly – all electricity comes from solar power! Donations to Hilltop Urban Farm would help with cultivating soil, expanding usable farming plots, and purchasing materials to build a storage cooler for produce.

Explain your research (Abstract)

As a class, we came together through our sustainability first-year fellowship and focused on sustainability through urban farming.  Hilltop Urban Farm is a regional organization that provides access to fresh produce in a food desert and educates the community about urban farming.  The mission of this class project is to raise funds for Hilltop Urban Farm so that they can continue to benefit the community.

Research poster
Student research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

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