The Bair Foundation

Taylor Dlugozima

My name is Taylor Dlugozima and I am from New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. I am currently a freshman at Westminster College and am majoring in nursing. After college, I plan to go to graduate school to become a CRNA.

Sam Duda

My name is Sam Duda, I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I am currently a student at Westminster College. I am majoring in accounting and looking to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) when I graduate.

Manny Fomundam

My name is Manny Fomundam and I’m from Silver Spring,  MD and I am a currently student at Westminster College. I am majoring in computer science and looking to go into cybersecurity or IT when I graduate. 

The Bair Foundation is a Christ-centered ministry that is dedicated to providing quality care to both foster children and parents.

What is the Bair Foundation?

The Bair Foundation was created 50 years ago and has aided around 250,000 foster children to find new homes and families. They provide shelter, food, and opportunities for religious beliefs. Not only does the foundation provide means of living for foster children, but makes sure they are properly cared for. 3% of children that enter through the Bair Foundation need medical attention and are treated within hours. The purpose of the Foundation is to make sure these kids feel wanted and loved while waiting for the perfect family. They do this through Church, meals, shelter, and more. The Bair Foundation recognizes adults as legal guardians of children, having to be 21 years or older to adopt a child. By running through a background check, they can make sure you are a perfect fit for the children, and vice versa.

Why Donations Matter

There are multiple causes that can be donated to through the Bair Foundation. The first is “Dreams 4 Kids” which helps foster children to have more things beyond food, shelter, and clothing. For example, a child could be sent to summer camp, art supplies, sports equipment, and much more. Second, the Bair Scholarship allows children to receive a scholarship for education after high school and renew the scholarship each year. Next, there is an option to donate to the Independent Living Fund which allows foster children to purchase a vehicle so that they can easily get to work and even school. Lastly, A.B.L.E. Special Needs Initiative gives children with special needs the means and opportunities to enhance their living.

Our Research

As a group, we researched how children who are in the foster care and adoption system are affected by the system. In our research, we found that there is often negativity surrounding the subject, but with The Bair Foundation, children are helped every day and placed into loving homes. There are many services offered to ensure that these children can receive the best life that they could receive. Parents are also provided with services in order to welcome these children with open arms.

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