Sustainable Pittsburgh

I am Brooke Horvath, a freshman at Westminster College. I am from Murrysville, PA and am a double major in Accounting and Finance. I am also on the soccer team at Westminster and love to travel.

I am Ava Ferringer and I am from Venus, PA. I am a freshman at Westminster College studying biology with a minor in secondary education. I am also a part of the volleyball team and enjoy hiking and kayaking.

My name is Jack Mickle and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a freshman at Westminster College and majoring in Broadcasting and Sports Communications with a minor in Political Science. I am on the swim team here at Westminster and love to spend time at my family’s lakehouse at Canadohta Lake, PA.

My name is Evan Sanchez and I am a transfer student to Westminster College. I am from Kennesaw, GA. I am a member of the soccer team at Westminster.

Once a grimy industrial city, Pittsburgh is working to become a model of sustainability.–C89fMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD

Why Sustainable Pittsburgh?

Sustainable Pittsburgh strives to create products and services to make a sustainable supply network while building a healthy and prosperous region. Sustainable Pittsburgh has performance programs such as sustainable restaurants and shops all around Pittsburgh that contribute to a building a healthy and prosperous region. They also promote practices that reinforce the importance of diversity in a community. While doing this, Sustainable Pittsburgh strives to manage a sustainable supply network that in return creates a growth of quality jobs as well.

Why should I donate?

Sustainable Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing and supporting sustainability in southwestern Pennsylvania. Your support helps to fund research and policies that affect the Pittsburgh region. Sustainable Pittsburgh memberships are annual and operate on a rolling basis.

Here’s the research:

As a team, we have worked together to research different aspects of sustainability as a whole. We researched topics such as sustainable energy, water sustainability, business sustainability, and sustainable recycling and waste management.  

Donate to help this cause today!

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