Three Rivers Water Keepers

Hi! I’m Shae O’Donnell! I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am an exploratory major at Westminster. I am also a part of the soccer team and have been playing soccer for 15 years.

Hi! I’m Peter Canovali and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a sports broadcasting and communications major at Westminster. A fun fact about me is that my twin brother and I were born at the exact same time.

Hello! I am Steel Boyer and I am from Mohrsville, Pennsylvania and I am a computer science major. I am also a part of the swimming team at Westminster and have been swimming competitively for twelve years.

Hi! I’m Sara MacMurdo! I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am a Biology/Pre-vet major. I am a part of the soccer and swimming teams at Westminster and I also do karate outside of college.

As one of the highlights of Pittsburgh, the three rivers are being cleaned up and protected so they can match the beauty of the city.

What is the Cause?

Three Rivers Waterkeepers is a branch of the waterkeepers organization in Pittsburgh that focuses on the safety and cleanliness of the three major rivers in Pittsburgh. They also look to then further everyone’s education about water pollution and help clean up the waterways all over the world. Three Rivers also keeps our rivers safe by patrolling all three rivers, testing and monitoring the water, and enforcing the clean water act on companies who are dumping toxic waste into the rivers. The one other truly important thing they do is educate the community on the seriousness of water pollution and have people engage in the work to clean the rivers. With all of this work, Three Rivers Waterkeeper aims to have clean enough river water to be swam in, fished in, or drank from in all three rivers in order to protect the community’s health, vitality, and economic prosperity.

Why Should You Donate?

The condition of our water affects all of us. The three rivers in Pittsburgh are all major rivers and supply water to a ton of places around the area. If the quality in the water is poor, then we are drinking unhealthy water. Donating to 3RWK helps ensure their mission of protecting and monitoring the water quality in the three rivers continue.

About Our Research?

As a group, each one of us researched our own different subtopics that pertained to Three Rivers Waterkeeper. These included the topics of clean drinking water, Pennsylvania water pollution, water health, and the Clean Water Act. We then combined our knowledge of these topics to understand the importance of our organization so that we may now express our knowledge to others to help keep our water healthy. 

Donate to help this cause today!

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