Equip A Medic

Hi! I’m Gabbie Garza a first year biochemistry student at Westmister College. I plan on becoming a dentist after college and I love helping out around the community.

Hi, I’m Emily Hipolito. I am a first year Molecular Biology major. Hopefully in the future, I will be a Medical Doctor for rural communities here in the States. I am currently a member of the Westminster Marching Band color guard and Dance Theatre.

What is the cause?

Myanmar is facing a humanitarian and medical crisis. Thousands of people die from malaria each year, women and children are being abused, and the education system is complicated. ¾ of the Rohingya Muslims are facing persecution in Myanmar. Due to this struggle, medical personnel and kits are needed. There are few doctors to keep up with every citizen, and medical care is too expensive for 32% of the population that are under the poverty line. In addition to these problems, doctors struggle to reach patients in the isolated jungles and mountains.

Why should you donate?

Myanmar’s geopolitical struggles have caused its constituents to be internally displaces and persecuted. To turn the country’s struggle around, the people of Myanmar need medical assistance. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of one medical doctor for every one thousand people living in the country. Myanmar, a country of 54 million people, only has 16,232 doctors.

For a government to take care of its people, it needs healthcare. Currently, Myanmar is one of fifty-seven countries facing a shortage of healthcare workers, in rural and urban settings. With so few doctors, the doctor to nondoctor ratio is 1:3,327, more than three times the bare minimum. 

By donating as little as $1, you can provide 40 medical kits to backpack medics who can reach those in the isolated jungles and mountains in Myanmar.

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