Literacy on Wheels

Hello! I am Gia Francisco from Canfield, Ohio. I am a freshman at Westminster College and a Biology major. I am also a part of the tennis team.
Hi! My name is Tori Shultz! I am a freshman at Westminster College.  I am majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education. 
Hello, my name is Tomi Taiwo. I am a freshman at Westminster College.  I am majoring business administration student from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hi! My name is Kyah Ceci, I am a freshman at Westminster College. My major is Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I am from Youngstown, Ohio.

Ethiopia Reads is a non-profit organization providing books, libraries, teachers, and librarians to rural communities in Ethiopia!

What is the cause?

Many Ethiopians live below the poverty line, resulting in lower literacy rates in children. The number of students able to comprehend subtask questions is 32% overall. Organizations like Ethiopia Reads provide different resources such as libraries, books, teachers, and librarians to rural communities in Ethiopia. The organization’s goal is to create a new generation of leaders through education. Ethiopia Reads has started over 80 libraries, trained 450 librarians and teachers, and donated 200,000 books to 350 schools. The organization helps 130,000 children annually.

Why should you donate?

There is currently a war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Children in Ethiopia right now experience the reality of the war. It is hard for children in the war zone to attend school, they lack parental support, and experience malnutrition. Ethiopia Reads reaches into the most rural parts of Ethiopia to ensure children are receiving books and an education. The organization also provides job opportunities and career development. Ethiopia Reads is operated by Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and the regional capital of Hawassa. Employees are given benefits as well as competitive wages.

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