Lunch and Literacy

Our Cause

Due to constant and historical oppressions, the Roma People are segregated in most European societies especially in schools. They are also restricted from the healthy and abundant food provided to people of other ethnicities. Due to both of these Roma People have a significantly higher chance of poverty, homelessness, and life threatening illnesses. Our cause is to support funding to programs such as the Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship that provide education and healthy meals to the ethnic minority know as the Roma People living in Hungary.

Why Should You Consider Donating?

You should consider donating to our cause, lunch and literacy, because of how much a small donation can change the Roma People’s lives. In the case of our cause any donation helps the impoverished Roma people tremendously. Some specific donation tiers are if you donate just $6 you provide a backpack full of a healthy lunch as well as various essential school supplies. If you are so generous as to donate $12 then you will provide the previously mentioned backpacks for an entire family. Once again any donation will help the Roma People in Hungary as their are only approximately 2500 children so

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