Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Keenan K. Heeter

Keenan Heeter From Clarion, PA. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Sports Management and minor in Biology. 

Addison S. Clark

Addison Clark from Ashburn, VA. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Psychology and minor in Sports broadcasting.  

Mason A. Peck

Mason Peck from Cary, NC. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Creative Media Productions.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is working towards making the forest, lakes, and wildlife of Pennsylvania a better place.

What is Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy wants to protect and restore natural places and wildlife in different regions. The goal is to provide these regions with clean water, healthy forests, natural areas for future generations, and green spaces and gardens. Their goal is to educate the youth and future generations in order to maintain a sustainable future. They provide many educational opportunities through WPC properties, projects and staff expertise to local teachers and students, and education programs at Fallingwater. The end goal is to protect forests and wildlife in order for people to live in “harmony with nature.” 

Land Conservation


Any donating helps with the preservation of Western PA land and is greatly appreciated. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has been dedicated to protecting the Western regions’ most exceptional places. Safeguards wild habitats and natural areas. Restores rivers and streams. Enhances cities and towns with trees, gardens, and other green spaces. Preserves Falling water and many more significant places 


Our research

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has a clear and concise plan for helping to conserve nature and help communities grow in the region. The Conservancy’s plan helps provide the region with clean water, healthy forests, and natural areas to benefit wildlife and communities. They own many properties around the region of Western PA, with many opportunities for people to volunteer and help their area grow. Wildlife is being negatively affected by human activities and resources, but the Conservancy has a plan to protect wildlife and forests. The Western PA Conservancy is doing everything in its power to protect as much as it can.   

student name’s research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

Donate to help this cause today!

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