Bikes for Education and Healthcare

About the Students

My name is Nicholas Smith and I am from Penn Township. I am a first year Political Science major.

My name is Venrese Stennett and I am a first year double major. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry.

My name is Karl Love and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a first year Spanish major with a minor in Secondary Education.

Bikes for Humanity is an organization that annually provides between 1,600 – 2,000 bicycles to children and the community. Lack of transportation is one of the leading factors in access to education as well as education to healthcare.

What is our cause and why is it important?

Many people living in Africa lack the necessary education as well as the necessary healthcare that is needed to be successful. Lack of transportation is one of the main reasons of why children are unable to receive a quality education. Without transportation, children are unable to travel to and from school, due to the risks such as inclement weather, dangerous animals, and long commutes. Without transportation, many children and their families also lack access to healthcare. Healthcare is a necessary to ensure that people are able to live a long and healthy life without the worry of getting sick.

Why should you donate?

Any donations small or large, will go toward providing a person in need with a bicycle so that they have access to transportation, which will then provide them with access to the opportunity to receive an education, as well as provide them with the ability to access healthcare.

It is important that we provide people with bicycles so that they are able to receive an education and healthcare, because without access to an education, it is likely that children will grow up without knowing the skills that are fundamental for student success. Without an access to healthcare, it is also likely that people are much more likely to catch a disease that they might not be able to fight off without proper treatment from doctors.

By making a donation of any kind, you can help be a part of the change, and help to provide a child with the transportation, as well as the opportunity to succeed.

Karl Love, Nicholas Smith, Venrese Stennett research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

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