Plant for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Ashlee Douglass

Hello, I’m Ashlee Douglass- a first-year dual Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies major with a Spanish minor. I would like to thank you for visiting our site. Being a global engagement fellow allows me to engage with my passions for foreign cultures and global issues. This project has opened my eyes to the various issues we must address as a global community. I hope you care for this cause as much as I have come to.

Katelynn McCurdy

Hello, my name is Katelynn McCurdy. I am a first-year student majoring in Political Science with a Spanish minor. I am a part of the Pre-Law program, as well as the Global Engagement Fellows program. 

Kaya Skinner

Kaya Skinner: Accounting major; Sports Management minor

Sara Swanson

Hi! My name is Sara Swanson, I am a freshman nursing major at Westminster College. I am a student-athlete at WC competing in swimming. Thank you for taking the time to look at our Alternative Gift Project!

This effort works to aid in the reversal of severe deforestation in Haiti, a nation which has struggled with almost complete deforestation and with that the collapse of their economic and environmental sustainability. Without directed and promt action Haiti, its environment, and its economy will continue to needlessly suffer.

A short video detailing our project and research

Planting to Reforest Haiti

We are addressing the severely deforested nation of Haiti. Deforestation threatens and undermines food security, destroys wildlife habitats, and causes mudslides and other natural disasters in Haiti. ​This project also addresses the much bigger issue of global environmental sustainability. Haiti ranks amongst the nations most affected by deforestation- virtually all of Haiti’s forests have been destroyed. Other issues are even compounded by deforestation; Hait’s economic and environmental sustainability teeter on the edge of utter destruction and collapse because of the level of deforestation in a nation that relies so heavily on forests for survival and success.

The border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic overlooking the deforested hills of Haiti. 
Photograph: Juan Mejia Botero/Courtesy of Death by a Thousand Cuts

Why you should donate and how your donations will help:

Without action- without your help- Haiti, its environment, and its economy will continue to needlessly suffer. Your donations go directly towards planting trees and related programs that educate locals on tree nurturing for future monetization of tree produce Your donations got to Haiti to aid the effort to REFOREST not DEFOREST the nation. Donations help keep reforestation programs going, without funds programs will be unable to help and the environmental and economic conditions in Haiti will only worsen

A visual time reference of the deforestation along the Haitian and Dominican Republic border. Photo from “A Dollar a Tree for Haiti”.

Research Abstract

Our research focuses on the need for planting trees in Haiti. Haiti has struggled with almost complete deforestation and with that the collapse of their economic and environmental sustainability. Our topic specifically focuses on how Haiti’s environmental destruction got so drastic, why trees are needed so badly by Haitians, what the benefits of planted trees are, and how the global community addresses this issue on the barren dirt of Haiti and in other areas struggling similarly with environmental sustainability.

Plant for a Sustainable Tomorrow Research poster jpg. Click the link below to download the PDF, or simply download the image.

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