The Pittsburgh Foundation

My name is Nate Battaglia. I am from Rochester, New York. I am a part of the men’s soccer team here at Westminster. I am majoring in sociology and minoring in criminal justice.

My name is Kaylie Newcomb. I am from La Plata, Maryland. I am a part of the Women’s Soccer team here at Westminster. I am majoring in both accounting and business administration.

My name is Isabella Barnabei. I am from Oakland, New Jersey. I am a part of the Women’s swimming and diving team. I am majoring in biology and minoring in English.

I am Elise Jordan. I am from Key Largo, Florida. I am a part of the Women’s volleyball team and I am majoring in Sports Management.

Improving the quality of life in Pittsburgh by helping the communities in need.

What is the Pittsburgh Foundation?

Since its founding in 1945, the Pittsburgh Foundation has worked with the community to improve the quality of life for its members and continue to end many community issues. They have 4 separate issues including stopping poverty, helping single mothers and families, creating affordable housing, and juvenile justice, which all work to better the Pittsburgh community. All of these issues have been rampant in many areas of the country, especially in PA, and with the Pittsburgh Foundation they are working to combat most of these issues.  

Why Donate?

The Pittsburgh foundation donates most of its money to its four main philanthropies. These include poverty, juvenile justice, affordable housing, and helping single parents (specifically single mothers). The money that is donated goes to these many issues, and with that Pittsburgh can become a better community. However, the Pittsburgh Foundation doesn’t always focus on its philanthropies. The foundation creates scholarships which send students like Colton Dietz, Aeryn Lesesne, Megan O’Brien and many others to school for better opportunities. 

Our Research

When researching the foundation we focused on four key issues the foundation focuses on. These are poverty in our region, juvenile justice, single women raising children, and affordable housing. This foundation includes investing in such things as, human services, economic, and community development, and public policy and advocacy. People that participated in youth groups stressed the need of investigating the circumstances surrounding referrals to the juvenile justice system in order to better understand and address issues.

student name’s research poster. Click link below to view larger version, or download the image.

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