Water For South Sudan

Water for South Sudan

Hi, I’m Tyler Salvatore, a first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Sports Management and Business Administration, and I am a member of the men’s soccer team.

Hello, I’m Logan Kuntz from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a freshman majoring in finance at Westminster College. I am also a member of the men’s golf team.

Hi, I am Bahiyyah Richards. I am a first year student at Westminster college. I am a double major in History and Media. Something I do on campus is dance.

This non-profit organization strives to provide sustainable methods of water usage and access in hopes of creating a better life for the people of South Sudan. It is important to remember that water is a human right!

Providing Water Wells and Sanitation

The goal of Water For South Sudan (WFSS) is to provide the underprivileged people of South Sudan with sources of clean, accessible water. About 50% of the population struggles to find safe drinking water, and WFSS has already begun to take action to change that. With worsening conditions and a growing population, new safe water access and water systems are necessary in building a more livable environment for South Sudan inhabitants.

Why should people donate? How do their donations help?

Every bit of your donation counts! Just one well can serve as many as 750 people a year, which makes it rewarding in the end. WFSS strives to improve the lives of those in South Sudan by providing them a necessity of life in a more safe and convenient manner. The implementing of water wells and the education of how to maintain adequate hygiene will improve the lives of those in South Sudan in many ways. Whether it is not having to travel nearly as far for the nearest water source, having the peace of mind to know the water that is being drank and bathed in is safe, or having more time to put into real goals in life, the water resources WFSS provides are life-changing for the citizens of South Sudan.

Our Research

The research we conducted uncovers the array of issues with water in South Sudan and beyond. Whether you look at disease, overexertion, poor sanitation, dehydration, or many other negative results of the water crisis in South Sudan, there are many obvious causes, but many underlying ones as well. Our research takes a look at these unfortunate causes and highlights how certain organizations have tried to analyze the issues to push for improvements in the future. Water For South Sudan relies on research, some of which we have taken a look at, to make the best decisions possible to move forward with sustainable water efforts in South Sudan.

Tyler Salvatore, Logan Kuntz, Bahiyyah Richards Research Poster

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