Bikes for Education and Healthcare

About the Students My name is Nicholas Smith and I am from Penn Township. I am a first year Political Science major. My name is Venrese Stennett and I am a first year double major. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry. My name is Karl Love and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. IContinue reading “Bikes for Education and Healthcare”

Water For South Sudan

Hi, I’m Tyler Salvatore, a first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Sports Management and Business Administration, and I am a member of the men’s soccer team. Hello, I’m Logan Kuntz from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a freshman majoring in finance at Westminster College. I am also a member of the men’s golf team.Continue reading “Water For South Sudan”

Plant for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Hello, I’m Ashlee Douglass- a first-year dual Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies major with a Spanish minor. I would like to thank you for visiting our site. Being a global engagement fellow allows me to engage with my passions for foreign cultures and global issues. This project has opened my eyes to the various issuesContinue reading “Plant for a Sustainable Tomorrow”

Lunch and Literacy

Our Cause Due to constant and historical oppressions, the Roma People are segregated in most European societies especially in schools. They are also restricted from the healthy and abundant food provided to people of other ethnicities. Due to both of these Roma People have a significantly higher chance of poverty, homelessness, and life threatening illnesses.Continue reading “Lunch and Literacy”

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Keenan Heeter From Clarion, PA. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Sports Management and minor in Biology.  Addison Clark from Ashburn, VA. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Psychology and minor in Sports broadcasting.   Mason Peck from Cary, NC. A first-year student at Westminster College. I major in Creative Media Productions.Continue reading “Western Pennsylvania Conservancy”

Literacy on Wheels

Ethiopia Reads is a non-profit organization providing books, libraries, teachers, and librarians to rural communities in Ethiopia! What is the cause? Many Ethiopians live below the poverty line, resulting in lower literacy rates in children. The number of students able to comprehend subtask questions is 32% overall. Organizations like Ethiopia Reads provide different resources such as libraries, books,Continue reading “Literacy on Wheels”

Three Rivers Water Keepers

Hi! I’m Shae O’Donnell! I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am an exploratory major at Westminster. I am also a part of the soccer team and have been playing soccer for 15 years. Hi! I’m Peter Canovali and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a sports broadcasting and communications major at Westminster. A fun factContinue reading “Three Rivers Water Keepers”