Hilltop Urban Farm – Pittsburgh, PA

Hilltop Urban Farm is a multi-pronged initiative that produces locally-grown crops, provides agriculture-based education, generates entrepreneurial opportunities, and strengthens Pittsburgh communities.

Start a Kitchen Garden

Sustainable Harvest International helps families in Belize, Honduras, and Panama by providing seeds, materials, and training so that farmers can grow sustainable crops to feed and support their families.

School Supplies for Kids

Mano a Mano collects usable, often new, school supplies that are abandoned in U.S. students’ lockers at the end of each school year. Volunteers pack and ship these supplies to Bolivia, where they are distributed to children in need.

Future Nurses of Vietnam

ConnectMed provides tuition assistance and textbooks for rural students in need. When this burden is lifted, they are able to focus on becoming nurses and giving back to their communities.

Water Wells for Her Future

Providing access to clean, fresh water for villages allows young girls to attend school, because they no longer have to spend their days gathering water for their families. Water for South Sudan unites differing tribes in the process of installing wells. With each well installed, WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) training for villagers is also provided.

Care for Mayan Mothers-to-be

Project Concern International’s trained midwives support Mayan women during pregnancies with medical evaluations, delivery services and medicine, and parenting education, significantly reducing complications and maternal deaths.

Burma Humanitarian Mission

Burma Humanitarian Mission supports backpack medic teams who travel among isolated villages in Burma, to treat sick patients, bring medications, and provide mother-child care.

Reunite & Restore Vulnerable Children

Expanding Opportunities‘ Reunite & Restore program aims to save children from emergency situations and offers immediate and long term services to children in crisis. Locating family members and reuniting children with extended family is an important part of this program.

Healing Trafficked & Exploited Children

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ Shechem Children’s Home, provides a safe restorative environment for children rescued from online sexual exploitation.

Manage Fires, Protect Wildlife

The Nature Conservancy works with Indigenous partners to combine traditional ecological knowledge with the latest in fire science to help deliver fire management programs across Australia. 

Planting for the Future

Plant With Purpose works to empower rural farming families to rise from poverty by using sustainable agriculture techniques and community-led economic savings groups.

All images and cause descriptions on this page provided by Alternative Gifts International and Hilltop Urban Farm

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